BALL BUSTER 2.0 is a fast paced arcade game that is way more fun and interesting than that trademarked arcade game that it reminds you of!

- Features cutting edge modern graphics in gorgeous 256x256 resolution.

- Over 10 original music tracks! (AND remixes of popular favorites)!

- Almost twelve different colors, enough for everyone!

- Compete for a "High Score!"  

- Monitor your mortality with an intuitive "Life System".

- Real time controls!

- Emergent narratives?  You be the judge!


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A 'classic' mode sounds great!  I don't mean to discourage you from exploring new ideas with the game - I'm just particularly fond of version 1.  Thanks!


The game is terrific! I've played for many happy hours and I look forward to trying out version 2.  

But could I make a request? Could you make version 1 available to download again?  I'd like to be able to keep both on my pc.

thanks for a great game!

i'm afraid i don't have the old game anymore! i built 2.0 straight on top of the first version. this release doesn't remove anything though- it just adds a few new brick types, music and balances the difficulty. when i revisit this again for the 3.0 release i can make another 'classic' build that gets rid of all the new features for you. <3



I liked the twists you put in there (exploding bricks you have to dodge, disappearing bricks). Though I have gripes with the physics. The paddle likes to bounce off the walls when I press it against the sides and the ball tends to go into those long horizontal paths where it will be lost easily.

thanks! are you using the bust your ball feature very often? you can do it whenever you want, and i think that's how you can get some really highscores. bust it constantly. 


Dude LOVE LOVE LOOOVE your game!!  I showed it to all my friends and they loved it too, I'm rating it 5 stars on amazon!!!

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Seems good, but missing the gameplay basics: the ball must bouce at angolation according where it touch the bat, independently from the incoming trajectory. In other words, need the possibility to direct the ball at the opposite direction of the incoming angle. A rounded bat would be ideal, or else giving a 30 degrees of deviation when touches near the center, 60 at the distance between middle and extreme, 90 at the extreme.

Yeah, I actually had the degreed segments of the paddle  in mind when I first started developing the game. That is the way it is done in other Hit Ball With Paddle games. But when I started coding it, I realised that it actually makes no sense! It's just not the way that physics actually works. An object does not magically change its trajectory based on the area of an object that it lands on. So I decided to have the ball retain its original velocity, PLUS whatever velocity the paddle had at the moment of contact. So, you can still control the ball's trajectory. The technique is just different. 

Well, I knew about it, mine was a dirty attempt to persuade you to change the method xD

As alternative, If you can make a curved paddle (with a selectable option if you prefer), you'll make me happy! :P